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The process of preparing our VALENS™ recipes begins with the careful vetting and selection of ingredients. Our food is made at North America’s newest state-of-the-art pet food manufacturing facility that utilizes the most up to date process technology. VALENS™ diets are slow cooked in small batches at exactly 90 degrees to retain all the satisfying flavours and nutrition your pet desires. 


Meat has been the primary source of protein and nutrients for dogs and cats since the beginning of time. We include only fresh human quality deboned meats that are sourced locally from farmers and fisherman and have them delivered to us fresh daily.

Fresh de-boned Bison

Source: Alberta Canada Description: Sometimes referred to as Buffalo, the Bison is the largest terrestrial animal in North America. The meat is very lean and has a slightly sweeter and richer flavor than fine beef. Raised and processed without additives, preservatives, steroids, growth hormones or drug residues, a Bison spends the majority of its life grazing on forage. As a result, the meat is naturally non-allergenic making it easy to digest. Purpose: Bison is a rich source of protein that contains all the essential amino acids for muscle repair and healthy growth. Its high Iron content helps boost energy and endurance, improving the bloods capability to transport oxygen and improve cardiovascular health.

Wild Pacific Salmon

Source: Pacific Ocean Description: The salmon is a marine fish native to the tributaries of the North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, and valued around the globe for its sweet taste and distinctive light pink flesh. Purpose: This fish has a wealth of amino acids that aid in cell growth and muscle tone. It is also is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids that is known for boosting joint and eye health.

De-boned fresh Chicken

Source: Fraser Valley Description: A domestic fowl noted for its meat and eggs, chicken is considered worldwide as one of the tastiest and healthiest meat proteins available. Its combination light and dark meat is considered beneficial for the lean protein it provides. Purpose: It is highly digestible and its B3 vitamin contributes to both skin and coat health. As a protein it also supports the development of healthy muscles and organs.

Fresh de-boned Lamb

Source: Alberta, Canada and Australia Description: Lamb refers to the meat that comes from young domestic sheep. Known for its tender, spicy and juicy consistency, all our lamb is fresh so that the meat is as tender and full of flavor as possible. Purpose: Lamb has high levels of protein and vitamin B12 which work together to promote good digestion and promote red blood cell health. It also has selenium that provides antioxidant protection and supports normal thyroid function.

Arrowtooth Flounder

Source: Pacific Ocean Description: The Arrowtooth Flounder is a flat fish caught in salt waters extending from the eastern Bering Sea to central California, and are also present in large numbers in the Gulf of Alaska. Known for its white flesh and mild sweet flavor, they are bountiful in number and considered to be an important and sustainable food source. Arrowtooth Flounder are a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified marine resource, and sustainable resource fished off the coast of British Columbia

De-boned fresh Turkey

Source: Fraser Valley Description: Originally a wild bird native to North America, turkey is now domesticated and farmed extensively throughout the continent and is a mainstay for special holidays and celebrations. It is characterized by its very lean flavorful dark and light meat. Purpose: It is high in vitamins and minerals that provide an array of health benefits and antioxidant properties, and is crucial in tissue repair and the development of muscle tone.

Fresh de-boned Beef

Source: Alberta Canada Description: Beef is the culinary name for meat that comes primarily from domesticated cattle. It is one of the most widely consumed meats in the world for good reason. Its red flesh is full of nutrients and it is traditionally treated in various ways to increase tenderness and intensify flavor. We source grass-fed beef locally and regionally that is free of hormones and antibiotics. Purpose: As a high-level source of protein this meat contributes to muscular development. Its array of nutrients provide an excellent source of phosphorous necessary for strong bones and teeth, while the array of complex B-vitamins it contains assists with the release of energy from food. It also contains zinc that promotes the healing of wounds, and contributes to a healthy immune system.

Dover Sole

Source: Pacific Ocean Description: A species of white-fleshed flatfish fished from Pacific Ocean waters off the coast of British Columbia, it is known for its mild, buttery, sweet flavor. Purpose: Sole is low in fat and a good source of Vitamin D, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus and Potassium, and a very good source of Protein, Vitamin B12 and Selenium

Fresh Fraser Valley Eggs

Source: Fraser Valley, British Columbia Description: Oval, white and fragile these unmistakable delicious eggs come from hens and are enjoyed around the world. A complete nutrition source these eggs are rich in high quality protein as well as fat and are easily digestible. Purpose: Extremely high in an array of vitamins and minerals these nutrition

Fresh de-boned Wild Boar

Source: Alberta Canada Description: The wild ancestor of the domestic pig, the Wild Boar is commonly referred to as “what pork used to taste like” with a darker meat that is rich and full of flavor. Purpose: Wild boar is abundant in an array of B-complex vitamins that plays vital roles in optimizing the absorption of nutrients from food and overall health benefits, such as healthy skin and coat, organ and muscular function.

Vita Cube / Meats

Vita cubes of Lamb Liver, Chicken, or Cod are added to each unique recipe to give our meals the unsurpassed nutrition they would receive in the wild. Our Vita Cube™ contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are easy for your pet to absorb and enhance the aroma, palatability and flavor of all of our recipes.

Lamb Liver Vita cube sourced from CFIA continuously inspected facilities

Chicken Vita cube sourced from CFIA continuously inspected facilities  

Pacific Ocean Whitefish Vita cube sourced from Department of Fisheries and Oceans continuously inspected facilities

Fruits & Vegetables

All VALENS™ diets include all-natural, whole fresh fruits and vegetables to attain fully balanced meals that contain all the essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants required for superior health.  We source these wholesome additions from the Fraser and Okanagan Valleys in beautiful British Columbia.

Anti-oxidants group

Tomatoes, Blueberries, Cranberries

This group of berries and vegetables rich in vibrant colors have an array of valuable health benefits provided by their phytochemical properties that have been shown to defend against cancer, cardiovascular and cognitive disease. Regular consumption of these foods has been shown to increase lifespan and ward off degenerative diseases.

Fiber group


Rich in fiber, nutrients and flavor we include apples, carrots and other fiber sources that assist with regular stool formation and the absorption of water to prevent diarrhea and other digestive disorders. Such inclusions have been reported to promote weight loss, and help fight against diseases such as cancer.

Beta-Carotene Group

 Pumpkins, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach

This group is characterized by a special ingredient Beta-Carotene, that gives carrots, pumpkins and other orange vegetables their distinctive color. Carotenoids are known to help boost the immune system by neutralizing harmful cells, and supporting healthy vision. These ingredients also have anti-inflammatory benefits that contribute to healthy joints and muscles.


Botanicals are special foods that have proven health benefits, and some have been in use for as long as 5,000 years.  From acting as a natural deodorizer for breath and stool, to boosting the immune system and speeding up healing, these super foods act as continual safeguards for your pet’s health.

Botanicals found in VALENS™ diets:

Chicory root, Yucca Schidigera, Cayenne Pepper, Valerian Root, Sweet Fennel - These age old botanicals are included to benefit the digestive and intestinal health.

Turmeric, Thyme, Rosemary, Kelp - Included to help maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

Chamomile - Used for stress and anxiety reduction.

Green tea extract - Specially added to keep bad breath at bay and promote healthy teeth and gums.

Yeast and Probiotics

A living microbial organism that has health benefits such as helping maintain a strong immune system and supporting digestive and intestinal health. Probiotics also consume utilizable compounds before pathogens can use them, and in doing so improve stool consistency and evacuation.

Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

At VALENS we include only Low glycemic sources of carbohydrates, such as Sweet Potatoes which a glycemic index rating that actually lowers through extrusion cooking.  Feeding your pet a diet with low glycemic ingredients will maintain balanced blood sugar levels that contribute to a faster metabolism and a healthy weight. 

Healthy Fats

These three premium sources of healthy natural fats, sourced from plants, terrestrial animals and marine fish species, are included in every VALENS™ diet for their exceptional nutritional value.

Salmon Oil

Source: Pacific Ocean Wild Salmon Description: Extracted from the salmon, this purified reddish-amber oil is full of all the nutrients that salmon supply. Purpose: It contains Omega 3-6 as well as DHA for the maintenance of a healthy brain and nervous system. It also contributes to cardiovascular health, and is considered beneficial to a range of other body functions.

Whole Flax Seeds

Source: Canadian Prairies Description: Flax is the seed of a blue-flowered herbaceous plant that is cultivated for its seeds. Although grown as a crop it is not a grain. We use the brown flax seeds as they have a higher digestibility and nutrient value than other varieties. Purpose: Pure ground Flax seed is used as a digestive fiber and additionally, is rich in Omega 3 fats that boost the immune system, while promoting a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Natural Chicken Fat

(preserved with tocopherols and citric acid)

Source: From regional farmers in Canada. Description: This natural ingredient comes from the layer of fat that occurs between the skin and muscle of the chicken. It is a fat that is nutrient rich and easily digestible, and contributes to excellent palatability and food intake response. Purpose: Chicken fat is an excellent source of Omega-6 that promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Superior Nutrition

At VALENS we practice innovation in all aspects of our recipes by combing proven facts with the exact science of what your canine companion or feline friend requires so we can give them the exact amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to flourish and live a long healthy, happy life.


Vitamins are vital nutrients delivered to the body through dietary processes that benefit total body health and assist with everything from cognitive, respiratory, cardiac and digestive function to the health of your pet’s skin and coat.


Our minerals undergo a process of chelation that makes them more bio-available, and therefore quicker and easier, for your pet to digest. Minerals promote bone strength, joint formation and are also vital to muscle health and function.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the essential partners to proteins in building muscles and stimulating growth, and are beneficial in weight management, heart and bone health. Amino acids are also vital to cognitive and neurotransmitter functions.